It's my dignity in flames
My name is Mimi. I'm 18. From Idaho.

Come join me as i descend into mAdnESs

*formerly thefrenchlapdancer


I know that I have been MIA on both here and my main blog and I apologize very much for that! Some people may have picked up on the fact that I entered into a new relationship and we are still going strong and are very happy together!

But we both kind of took breaks from our hobbies and spent the…

So if anyone was wondering at all about why I’ve been so MIA, if you haven’t already figured it out here is my reasoning for not being on Tumblr as much, I think I may end up posting to my poetry blog more often then this blog. My interests have changed a little and though I still love youtubers and bands and all those things I post about on here I just don’t seem to have the urge to post about them as often.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to post on here when I feel more like posting about funny stuff and ridiculous stuff or youtube or bands, but I just feel like i’m really getting back into my poetry and my art and I hope that some of my followers over here will support that and go over to a-mighty-sword and check it out.:) So this is me coming back and i’m not leaving! Just changing a few things up :)

"Self Portrait" #drawing #art #self portrait

"Self Portrait" #drawing #art #self portrait


let’s do cute things together




halloween’s coming early on tumblr

guess that ghost just isn’t in his right spirits


i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

Gordo: setting the bar impossibly high for men since 2000

Hayley Williams + Teenager